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Katie Smith Sloan Accepts Leadership in Aging Award

The President and CEO of LeadingAge was honored at Seabury's 15th annual Leadership in Aging Celebration.

Thank you so much for this tremendous honor... I truly believe that I have the most wonderful job in the whole world. It’s an opportunity to work with excellent organizations like Seabury and the possibility to make meaningful change in the way that we as a country support and care for older adults.

When I look through a policy lens at the national level, so much needs to be fixed. But then when I look at organizations like Seabury and the extraordinary work that you do every day to support older adults in the DC area, I have such great hope. I so admire your creativity, your determination, your passion, your resilience, and your leadership in the broader community. Organizationally, this has been a horrendous year. We’ve been challenged in ways we never thought possible. We’ve taken a master class in resilience. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned a lot about grace, we’ve learned a lot about purpose, we’ve learned about love. And we’ve learned to lean on one another. And I believe coming out of this we will be stronger for it. So thank you for all that you do for being an exemplar, a leader, and an inspiration. The older adults and their families who benefit from Seabury are truly the fortunate ones.

Dawn, thank you for your incredible work in steering this organization with such skill and passion, and vision. I look forward to our continued partnership and our work together to make our community a better place to grow old with dignity.


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