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Finding Safety and Independence in a New Home

Clarence lived in Ward One for 35 years. Following his wife’s death, he was alone for many years. His adult children, who live far away, became worried that he might fall down the stairs and injure himself while home alone. His advanced age and glaucoma convinced them to look for a single level living space for their father, and they found Friendship Terrace.

It was a perfect fit. Clarence loved his new apartment and was relieved to not have to maintain a whole house by himself. He enjoyed seeing his neighbors every day and regularly attended activities in the building. The location also allowed him to sightsee in his beloved District of Columbia.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Clarence realized how fortunate he was to have found Friendship Terrace. He felt safe knowing that staff took precautions immediately to close down public areas including the dining room and increased the cleaning protocols. “My family is glad I’m here”, he says, and adds that Friendship Terrace staff “did so much more, including checking in on us every day.”

Since the pandemic, Clarence is most grateful to still have his independence, along with the support of Friendship Terrace staff, saying, “I cannot imagine how things would be if I were still in a single-family home. I would be dependent on friends to run errands for me, which would put them at risk. I would not have that daily check-in when dinner is delivered.”


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