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A Message of Hope From Seabury Board President, Susan Spurlark

Susan Spurlark was appointed Seabury’s Board President in June of 2021.

“Progress is not linear.” This is something my grandmother told me during the civil rights upheaval in 1968. She was born in 1892so, although she had seen improvements in race relations during her time, she saw parallels over seventy years later.

I was reminded of this conversation when speaking with my granddaughter last year. The summer of 2020 was also a time when racial inequities were coming to a head. I shared her great grandmother’s insight as a way to explain some of the changes and patterns that we’ve seen since I was her age and long before.

One of the trends I’ve noticed is that families are becoming smaller and more dispersed. This is leaving older adults, the fastest growing age group in the country, without the support system on which they used to rely.

Model Cities members dance at a barbecue to celebrate winning the D.C. Department of Aging and Community Living’s 2021 Pride Decoration Contest.

Seabury’s mission is critical. Everyone deserves to age with dignity. There is a wisdom that comes with aging and our elders have so much knowledge to share. The older adults in our lives are our link to the past and, knowing that history will repeat itself, there is great value in that connection. Their experience can help us navigate times that would otherwise seem hopeless.

Let’s support the older adults in our lives and in our communities. In doing so, we not only support our link to the past but often are supporting younger generations who are struggling as caregivers. Join me in supporting Seabury’s efforts to provide the affordable housing, meals, compassionate care and transportation solutions that older adults deserve, regardless of their financial or family situation.


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