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No way to communicate!

Mike (pseudonym) is uncomfortable with technology and does not like speaking on, nor using a telephone. He is an independent retirement living community resident, but remains socially withdrawn and isolated. Mike has a Guardian to manage his affairs, but no family involvement. Martha Gaston, his Seabury Care Manager is only able to communicate with Mike by making in person visits to his apartment. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike’s senior living community restricted access and Martha could not see, nor communicate with him. Martha was highly concerned that with the complete breakdown in personal contact, Mike’s tendency to keep entirely to himself would escalate into a serious mental health crisis. Martha had to establish some channel of communication. What finally worked was to order a basic cell phone and have it delivered to her home for set up. Martha activated the phone and established an online account that she and the Guardian could access to maintain the service. Martha then painstakingly wrote out step by step instructions on how to use the phone for Mike. She drove to his senior living community and asked one of the staff to personally deliver the phone and written instructions directly to him. The staff successfully made the delivery in a contact free, safe manner. Shortly thereafter Martha received a call from Mike! Now that a channel of communication has been established, Martha is regularly speaking with Mike and coordinating the delivery of critical items to his apartment, including face masks. “I am not sure what path this would have taken if I could not get Mike to try the cell phone," Martha remarked. "I am pleased that he appears to get a little more comfortable each time we talk on the phone. Mike has even sent text messages! I am very relieved that we now have an ability to communicate.” Communication is at the core of Seabury’s Care Management program. The Pandemic has demonstrated the tight connections among team members and with their clients. Support this selfless, dedicated team and make your donation to Seabury today!

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