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Never too Late to Hit a Home Run in life

John Anagnost, 87, proved that it’s never too late to live out your dream. John’s experience with the St. Louis Cardinals was recently highlighted by ESPN Senior Writer John Wulf. At 87 John made his debut with the St. Louis Cardinals with their “Cooperstown Fantasy Camp” team.

Major League Baseball Fantasy Camps are a common promotional experience used by Baseball teams to allow their fans a chance to live out a common dream - to play baseball on a professional field with other fans and retired ball players. What is not as common is seeing an 87 year old man taking practice swings in the ondeck circle from his knees just like his idol Hall of Famer Ted Williams. But John made the most of this experience by drawing a walk in his first at bat and then advancing to 2nd base on a single. "Not many men my age get to play a doubleheader with major leaguers before lunch." John is just one man amongst thousands of people his age who, notwithstanding their age and physical limitations, are living their dreams. He is a testament to the phrase “living your best life.”

At Seabury Resources for Aging we are supporting older adults like John Anagnost who are living their best lives. In fact, just like the Cardinals, our Life Enrichment Team is dedicated to helping older adults live out those dreams. Whether that’s roping a single into left field like Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals or eating dinner at D.C.’s trendiest restaurant our Life Enrichment Team is there to help facilitate the experience.

Our very own Regine Clermont (pictured below) is on the Life Enrichment Team and while her name may not be Stephen Strasburg she can still bring the heat. Regine takes clients to the Smithsonian, to horse shows, to lunch and coffee, and also coordinates activities at their homes. “It is a wonderful opportunity to share their life stories, talk about their families, their fondest memories, what they enjoyed doing when they were younger.” The program encourages clients to engage in the community rather than stay at home. Regine says, “I really enjoy what I am doing, also being able to share time with wonderful people!” John is living his life to the fullest and so do our clients with the help of our Life Enrichment Team.


To learn more about Seabury Care Management Life Enrichment, contact Christine Bitzer at 202-364-0020 or

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