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Out & About and In Love

Mel’s husband passed away 3 years ago. The loss was very hard on him, especially since it left him alone in his house. “It’s a tough time afterward when you’re here all alone”, he reflects. Mel has no children and his siblings all live far away, so he tried to stay engaged in the community to meet new friends. “At this point in our life, unless you have a group of friends, it’s hard to meet people”, he says.

Attendees enjoyed dinner and music at Seabury Out & About's Great Gatsby party.

He heard about Seabury Out & About in 2018 and started regularly attending events. He enjoyed meeting a diverse group of people, including younger members of the LGBTQ community at an intergenerational event.

At Seabury’s Great Gatsby event in 2019, Mel met someone new and quickly learned that they had a lot in common. They started dating and now plan to move in together. “We’re so lucky we have met each other,” he says. “That’s why Out & About is so wonderful… It brings people together who might not otherwise ever meet each other.”


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