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Please Send Donations to Our P.O. Box

2021 has been a year of resiliency and all of us at Seabury—especially the older adults we serve—are so appreciative of your encouragement and support. One more hurdle just popped up for us. We recently moved offices and we were so excited to receive your cards and gifts at our new home down on Water Street! However, our mail has not caught up with us yet. If your gift was returned to you, would you please be so kind as to send your donations to the P.O. box listed below?

Seabury Resources for Aging

P.O. Box 90726

Washington, DC 20090

Or visit to give online.

Your support is truly meaningful to thousands of older adults and family caregivers across the Washington, D.C. region. Together, we can ensure that your holiday gift reaches our older neighbors who need it most.

If you have any questions, please call us at (202) 414-6318 or send a note to Thank you and happy holidays!

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