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Digital Equity for All

As services and information are increasingly shared online, it becomes even more important to close the digital divide. The digital divide is the gap between those who have the access and ability to navigate the digital world and those who do not. This gap has made staying connected throughout the pandemic has been a challenge.

Since March of 2020, our programs have engaged older adults and caregivers virtually. Seabury has been able to lend iPads and other technology to residents to help them stay connected with family and friends, attend telehealth appointments, and participate in virtual activities. Our staff provides technical support for those who need assistance accessing remote programming and staff call participants to check in on them as well.

Now that our in-person programs are returning, we continue to offer online opportunities for educational presentations, fitness classes, and peer-to-peer connections. As we continue to work toward digital equity for all, it is essential that older adults are included in the digital world.

Residents of D.C. can access use this tech locator to find the nearest public computer with access to the internet. Seabury offers transportation subsidies to help you get around the city.

If you or an older loved one needs assistance navigating technology, check out the resources and upcoming events from Senior Planet.


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