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If all else fails, trust your dog!

Rose (pseudonym) is a renaissance woman. She plays the piano, an ukulele, paints and loves animals. For many years Rose has lived in a retirement community and been a Seabury Care Management client. She enjoys outings and engaging in conversations. The COVID pandemic lock down hit her hard. Regine Clermont, Seabury Life Enrichment Specialist is a part of Rose’s life since 2017. Regine would take Rose to the supermarket, for pizza and beers and to the cemetery to visit Rose’s husband. “Whenever we had a date for an outing, Rose was ready to go, waiting outside for me to arrive”, remarked Regine. “She likes grocery shopping where she can talk with other shoppers and store clerks.” After three years of outings, Regine sought out a new adventure for Rose, a visit to the Humane Rescue Alliance. This proved to be a big hit as Rose loved petting the dogs and cats. The Shelter staff saw Rose’ obvious joy and encouraged her to return soon. Then COVID arrived. “Rose has experienced emotional challenges most of life,” noted Michelle McGrath, Seabury Care Manager. “The COVID restrictions in her community eliminated group dining, in-person social actives and outside visitors. Being confined to her apartment had a negative impact.” While Michelle and Regine maintained telephone contact with Rose, they realized the dramatic change in her routine had consequences. With COVID restrictions loosening, Michelle knew getting Rose outside was critical. At the agreed upon hour, Rose came to the front entrance but would not step outside. Michelle made numerous attempts to coax Rose out but to no avail. Anticipating Rose’s reaction, Michelle had brought Harry, her dog along for the visit. “Rose, Harry needs a walk and it would be really helpful if you can take him?”, Michelle asked. Slowly, cautiously, Rose crossed the threshold and stepped outside. She carefully took Harry’s leash and off they went! The Seabury Care Management and Life Enrichment team is a model of communication, compassion and ingenuity. Support their clients and their family members make your donation to Seabury today!

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