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For the love of cats - Seabury makes it happen!

Deborah (pseudonym) really misses her cats. At one time she enjoyed the company of three felines including one she inherited from her mother. Deborah found joy and comfort cuddling with her cats. They were her family. As Deborah's health declined and with no surviving cats, she moved into an assisted living community. Laura Fenves, Seabury Life Enrichment Specialist, was introduced to Deborah about a year ago and they immediately bonded around their mutual cat love. Laura would take Deborah to Crumbs & Whiskers – A Cat Café Experience and quickly became regulars. Once COVID hit their trips to the Café became off limits. While nothing could replace holding and petting a pet, Laura knew that Deborah needed some connection to her and their feline friends. With help from the assisted living community, Laura initiated regular video visits with Deborah. Deborah has the pleasure of seeing Laura’s two cats and they engage in their ‘cat talk’. “Deborah is true a cat lover, like myself.” Laura remarked. “I experienced how her face lit up every time we entered the Cat Café. The video visits are not a complete substitute, but they offer a means to connect and stay engaged.” In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, many older adults are at substantial risk for increased anxiety and depression, substance abuse and loneliness. “I know how social isolation is amplified during this pandemic”, Laura continued. “Our clients are at risk for further declines in their health if we cannot maintain some form of personal connection.” The pandemic has demonstrated the tight relationships between Seabury Life Enrichment Specialists and their clients. Support this selfless, dedicated team and make your donation to Seabury today!

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