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A good meal can be hard to come by!

Photo: Seabury Care Management client, Maureen enjoying a home delivered meal.

Maureen has been taking care of her husband John with skill and devotion for years. When Maureen is tending to her own and her husband’s needs, preparing a creative, complete meal is often not possible. One pleasure they still are able enjoy is a good restaurant meal, either in their favorite spots or take out at home. COVID-19 put an immediate end to their normal dining routine.

The Pandemic created stress and disorientation for many at risk older adults. Some challenges are more traumatic than others, but the cumulative effect of disruptions large and small can build to cause dampened spirits. Missing the taste and comfort of a good meal is just one example. Working with her Seabury Care Manager, Maureen was able treat her husband and herself to a fine meal from Geppetto Catering. “This is the best meal we have had in months!”, exclaimed Maureen.

Seabury Care Management is engaged with Geppetto Catering to deliver high quality complete meals to home bound at risk older adults. Seabury has also partnered with Last Call for Food and Founding Farmers to bring baked goods, other fresh foods and meals to the homes of at risk seniors.

“Home bound – at risk older adults are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity during the Pandemic”, comments Monica MIcklos, Seabury Care Management Program Director. “COVID-19 has piled on the stress factors: social isolation, access to family and physicians, fear of contracting the virus and how do you do you get a balanced meal every day? We are very grateful to Geppetto Catering, Founding Farmers and Last Call for Food for their generous support.”

Once the Pandemic hit, Seabury Care Managers immediately checked in with all their clients and family members. One of the touch points is to determine ‘How is everyone eating?’ If the answer is not well, then Care Managers work with Seabury team coordinators and food supply partners to deliver meals for a modest fee or when possible at no charge to their clients. “I am very proud of our Care Management team”, Monica continues. “Seabury’s mission is to help older adults live with independence and dignity. There is nothing more important than food on the table.

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