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Seabury Resources for Aging Named ‘One of the Best’ Nonprofits by the Catalogue for Philanthropy

WASHINGTON, D.C.—6.6.2018—After a careful vetting process, the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington has selected Seabury Resources for Aging to be part of the Class of 2018-19. Seabury Resources for Aging has undergone a rigorous review process conducted by a team of 120+ experts in the local philanthropic field, and has met the Catalogue’s high standards. Potential donors can be confident that the nonprofits in the Catalogue are worthy of their support. Seabury Resources for Aging’s mission is to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help older adults in the greater Washington, D.C. area live with independence and dignity. This year the Catalogue celebrates its 16th anniversary: since its inception it has raised $40 million for nonprofits in the region. It also offers trainings, neighborhood-based opportunities for collaboration, and a speakers series for individuals who want to learn about and engage with the needs, challenges, and accomplishments of our shared community.

This year, reviewers helped select 77 charities to feature in the print edition, 38 of which are new to the Catalogue this year. It also selected an additional 49 nonprofits to be re-featured on its website. The network now includes 400+ vetted nonprofits working in the arts, education, environment, and human services sectors throughout Greater Washington. “People want to know where to give and they need trusted information. Based on our in-depth review, we believe that Seabury Resources for Aging is one of the best community-based nonprofits in the region,” says Bob Wittig, Executive Director of the Catalogue for Philanthropy. “Seabury is honored to be included in the Catalogue for Philanthropy Class of 2018-2019 as "one of the best" local nonprofits in the region. This designation means that Seabury passed a rigorous review process conducted by a team of 120+ experts in the local philanthropic field who evaluated the need for Seabury's mission to serve older adults and family caregivers, and also conducted a financial review and site visits of Seabury's programs and services. We are grateful for the recognition and visibility provided by the Catalogue for Philanthropy, and we look forward to advancing Seabury's mission to provide personalized, affordable, services and housing options to older adults in the Washington region. " says Deborah Royster, Chief Executive Director Seabury Resources for Aging. The Catalogue believes in the power of small nonprofits to spark big change. As the only locally-focused guide to giving, its goal is to create visibility for the best community-based charities, fuel their growth with philanthropic dollars, and create a movement for social good in the greater Washington region. The Catalogue charges no fees; it raises funds separately to support its work. ###

MEDIA CONTACTS For the nonprofit: Kate Lewis Chief Advancement Officer Seabury Resources for Aging 6031 Kansas Ave, NW Washington, DC 20011 P: 202-414-6312/C: 301-938-5520/ F: 202-289-5693 For the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Fatima Najiy 202-955-6538

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