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Making the Match With Your Seabury Care Manager

Navigating Medicare, homecare, hospital, rehab and medical insurance can be overwhelming. Making sure that all of the details are properly handled is something that a Seabury care manager can help with.

When clients come to Seabury seeking a care manager ensuring the best possible match between the client and the care manager is led by Assistant Director, Christine L. Bitzer, LICSW, LCSW. There are a number of factors Christine takes into consideration when matching older adults with a care manager. Among those factors are the client’s needs, the care manager’s experience, as well as availability, and personality matches between the client and the care manager. Ultimately, Christine says, “we are primarily focused on the needs of the client.” And it is clear that the care manager's focus is key to reducing some of the anxiety and concern felt by many clients and their families.

The Care Management team is dedicated to supporting the transition by striving to improve the quality of life as well as maintaining independence for our clients. Seabury care managers are an invaluable resource for families struggling with planning and executing the long term needs of older adults.

If you or a family member are feeling anxious or overwhelmed with the creation of long term plans or the execution of preexisting plans don’t let the magnitude of the responsibility paralyze you. Seabury Resources for Aging has a number of options including matching your family member with a Seabury care manager. Learn how Seabury Care Management can support you and your family, call us at 202-364-0020 or visit us online.

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