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Seabury Care Management Welcomes Back Jennifer Sapp

Welcome back, Jennifer!

Back in 2000, Jennifer Sapp saw a two-sentence ad in the Washington Post for a care manager. She called and spoke with the program director, Monica Micklos, and that is how Jennifer first came to Seabury as a care manager. Eight years later Jennifer left Seabury to raise a family and started her own care management practice in Anne Arundel County Maryland.

Pictured above, Monica Micklos, left, Seabury Care Management Director, smiles with Jennifer Sapp, right.

But recently, Jennifer realized something – she missed being a part of Seabury. “I really missed it,” says Jennifer,“ especially the camaraderie of the care management team and the clear mission of the organization. Being a part of a nonprofit means there is something more to this than being a care manager.” So, Jennifer has come back to Seabury.

Jennifer did her undergraduate work in psychology and began her career as a researcher. She moved into a study of dementia and really found her calling in working with the older adults in the study. She returned to school and received a dual Masters in social work and gerontology. Along with her time as a researcher, Jennifer’s career has included working in senior program management, adult day services, assisted living, and dementia care. That broad experience enhances her understanding of the community services and support available to older adults and how to best navigate an often confusing array of services.

Jennifer particularly enjoys the role of advocate for her clients. She fondly recalls a client with whom she worked for several years. He had been a social worker himself. The client’s needs were constantly changing and she advocated for him when his depression was misdiagnosed as dementia. Another client had been released from the hospital too soon. Jennifer called several times but getting no answer she went to the client’s apartment. He had fallen and there was no one to help him – no one except Jennifer. These experiences reinforce her belief that care management is a life saver and the impact of the role of care manager in the lives of older adults.

Jennifer focus on work with clients in Prince George’s County, MD. Seabury is so pleased to welcome Jennifer back to care management. For more information, contact Seabury Care Management at (202) 364-0020.

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