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Ready for Fall? Rake In These Yard Work Safety Tips

No matter your age, we can all benefit from a few fall yard work safety tips! Keep these in mind when you’re raking and disposing of leaves this season:

  1. Grip the rake with your dominant hand in the middle of the pole, and non-dominant hand near the end of the pole.

  2. Use your arms to pull the rake back and push it forward. Don’t use your back and hips to avoid pulling a muscle.

  3. Use gloves when putting leaves into garbage bags. And, remember to tie the bag!

During the fall, Seabury Age-In-Place® volunteers help older adults by raking leaves and cleaning homes. Autumn is a fun time to volunteer with Age-In-Place® with your classmates, family, friends, and/or neighbors. Age-In-Place® provides all of the materials such as rakes, trash bags, and cleaning supplies.

We need groups and individuals who want to help with fall yard work and house cleaning. In just three hours, you can make a difference in the life of an older adult. Sign-up online.

Pictured above, City Year volunteered with Seabury Age-In-Place® to provide yard work for Ms. W and Ms. B this month. Thank you for helping local older adults in need!

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