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Reasons to Celebrate: Donating Your Birthday to Seabury

Paula Singleton only had one birthday party as a child. Her next party celebrated her 60th birthday. As her birthday approached this year, Paula received a notification on Facebook encouraging her to “click here” to donate her birthday to a charity of her choosing.

Paula, center left, smiles with friends at Seabury’s 2017 Leadership in Aging Awards Celebration.

“Birthdays are a time to think about how fortunate you are to be here,” she says. In that spirit, Paula, a Seabury Resources for Aging board member, decided to donate her birthday in support of Seabury through Facebook.

“It was surprisingly simple,” Paula says, “A few clicks and we were ready to go!” But she didn’t stop there. She has also invited her fellow church members at St. Luke’s Episcopal to donate, sent emails to friends and family, and even made a few phone calls.

“You can spend $10 on a gift that someone doesn’t need, or you can help provide transportation and housing to an older adult that could really use the help,” Paula remarks, “That just makes sense.”

This year will be her third-ever birthday party. She’s having a small dinner with friends, but lots of people will be celebrating alongside her.

From all of us at Seabury, happy birthday, Paula. Click here to make a donation to Paula’s Facebook fundraiser. Click here to make a donation to Seabury in Paula’s honor.

If you want to donate your birthday to Seabury on Facebook or host an event to support local older adults, send a note to; our Advancement Team will be happy to help.

July 17, 2017

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