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Age-In-Place®: Celebrating 20 Years of Service

This year, Age-In-Place® celebrates 20 years of service to older adults in Washington, DC. As part of our 20th anniversary, we are sharing past stories and photos. This three-part blog series is our way of saying thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that have worked alongside Age-In-Place®, as well as the older adults who have welcomed us into their homes. Below, we begin with Age-In-Place® clients.

An Age-In-Place® client smiles with volunteers from American University in 2007.

Age-In-Place® coordinates volunteers to provide yard work and house cleaning services to older adults living in DC’s Wards 4, 5, and 6. These services allow seniors to age more safely in their homes. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we want to begin by thanking the clients we serve for the trust they put in the Age-In-Place® program and the wonderful experiences they share with volunteers. This year, 140 older adults received Age-In-Place® house cleaning and yard work services.

An Age-In-Place® client poses with volunteers after a completed service project in 2005.

Many clients appreciate the renewed self-confidence Age-In-Place® services bring. Ms. E recounts, “I’ve been embarrassed to leave my house because my yard was so bad—now I’m going to walk out with pride!” Clients also enjoy the social interaction and friendships with Age-In-Place® volunteers. One such client is Ms. S. Ms. S, 95 years old and a client for the last 4 years, is a remarkable woman. She has spent more than 65 years in her home, traveled extensively, and shares amazing stories with volunteers. Ms. S remains a staunch advocate for the Age-In-Place® program. She recently sent a letter reiterating the happiness and comfort the program has brought her:

“The young people you brought to my home were like a breath of fresh air. Thanks to all of you, not only for cleaning my home (which was a chore, I am sure) but for the cheery attitudes of all the young people. May God bless each of you, not only for all the hard work, but for bringing such a cheery attitude into my home.”

(Letter from Ms. S, 8/2014)

To learn more about volunteering with Seabury’s Age-In-Place®, email or call 202-635-9384. See the entire Age-In-Place® team and learn more about their work on Seabury’s website.

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