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Thank You for Your Support in 2020

Dear friends and supporters,

As I reflect back on 2020 perhaps my most treasured memory is of our strong community coming together to support each other. You have shown us the sincere strength of your commitment to Seabury even as you navigate this challenging year yourself. My thoughts are with you this holiday season and my appreciation is endless.

This year has been difficult for all of us and particularly for the vulnerable population we serve. I am so proud of all that we have accomplished together in this unforgettable time. During the pandemic, we have overcome tremendous obstacles and provided exceptional care for the older adults in our community. For instance, we have:

  • Made daily calls to community dining site participants and wellness center members—checking on their welfare and lending a listening ear.

  • Picked up prescriptions and groceries for residents and Care Management clients.

  • Arranged for residents and clients to use tablets and smartphones to video chat with friends and family to keep them connected and decrease social isolation.

Amazingly, every month Seabury offers over 30 virtual community activities such as yoga, short story club, & music; provides 1,850 hours of counseling and case management; and delivers 70,000 meals across Washington D.C.

Your support has made all of this possible and lifted the spirits of our frontline employees and the thousands of older adults we serve. They know they are not alone. It has certainly made a difference to Friendship Terrace resident, Clarence.

Clarence lived in Ward One for 35 years. Following his wife’s death, he was alone for many years. His adult children, who live far away, became worried about his health and safety living alone. They searched for a single-level living space for their father, and found Friendship Terrace.

It was a perfect fit. Clarence loved his new apartment, reduced home maintenance, new neighbors, and community activities. He also continued to enjoy sightseeing in his beloved District of Columbia.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Clarence realized new advantages to living in Seabury’s Friendship Terrace. He felt safe knowing that staff took immediate precautions to close down public areas and increased the cleaning protocols. “My family is glad I’m here”, he says, and adds that Friendship Terrace staff “did so much more, including checking in on us every day. I cannot imagine how things would be if I were still in a single-family home. I would be dependent on friends to run errands for me, which would put them at risk. I would not have that daily check-in when dinner is delivered.”

I am so proud of the way you have stepped up in this critical time to ensure that people like Clarence are taken care of and enjoy the quality of life they deserve. Your generosity during this crisis has been very meaningful and is an added source of inspiration for our committed and caring staff.

We need your help during this most challenging time as we safeguard against the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seabury has purchased additional meals, personal protective equipment, and supplies for older adults throughout the year, and this pandemic is not over. Your gift will provide these necessities, as well as enhance the lives of those we serve.

Together we will get through this difficult period and keep older adults safe and connected. Thank you for joining us in wholeheartedly supporting our mission, encouraging us along the way and spreading the word about who we serve and the very important work we do—this year and always.


Dawn M. Quattlebaum

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. As a result of COVID-19 our expenses have increased dramatically. Will you please support Seabury during this challenging time? Through a generous grant made by The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundationyour contribution will be matched!


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