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Seabury Delivers Valentines!

Seabury is spreading the love this Valentine's Day. We are delivering over 1,880 Valentines, along with a week's worth of meals, to older adults throughout the District. The cards and letters were made by people of all ages through the D.C. Department of Aging and Community Living's Cupid's Kids campaign.

This campaign has historically consisted of D.C. Public Schools students creating cards for older adults. This year, Cupid's Kids was opened up to the whole community. Older adults are receiving cards from people of all ages to remind them that they are cared for.

Seabury strives to make sure older adults feel cared for all year long, which is why we are still delivering 70,000 meals each month, calling over 350 older adults each day, and offering over 65 monthly activities. Learn more about our ongoing COVID-19 response here.


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