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Leadership in Aging | September 23, 2021

Join Seabury Resources for Aging® at our annual Leadership in Aging celebration while we shake cocktails and mocktails, and mix it up with old and new friends, virtually. Enjoy a spirited evening and learn what Seabury is stirring up for older adults and caregivers.

This year, we are honoring Katie Smith Sloan, who has advocated on behalf of older adults for more than 30 years. Sloan is the President and CEO of LeadingAge, a national organization representing more than 5,000 organizations in aging services. She is also the Executive Director of The Global Ageing Network, an international network of leaders in aging services dedicated to enhancing the quality of care for the aging population. Sloan serves on the boards of numerous organizations in the field of aging. Her leadership—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—gives voice to the economic, social, and racial inequities that are too frequently experienced by older adults across the country and right here in our region.

Our 2021 Community Partner is Potomac Law Group, PLLC. With 120 lawyers in 20 states, DC-headquartered Potomac Law is one of the fastest growing corporate law firms in the country. Practicing in a broad range of areas, Potomac Law helped Seabury increase the accessibility of our Congregational Resources curriculum, The Path Ahead: Spirituality & Purpose in Later Life℠, by helping to navigate the trademark and copyright clearance process. This allowed Seabury to enter the digital education space with confidence and prepared for growth. Their pro bono work simplified a complex process so Seabury could reach more older adults in our community.


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