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Healthy Aging Tips

Physical and mental health can affect one's ability to age with independence and dignity. Aging can sometimes bring new challenges when it comes to health. Here are some tips to promote healthy aging for all.

  1. Join engaging activities. Social engagement is associated with improved health outcomes. Seabury offers over 65 monthly virtual activities!

  2. Connect with Friends. Maintaining a larger social network can increase brain function. Call up a friend or set up a video chat with family! Seabury staff conduct wellness checks over the phone.

  3. Stay active. Exercise has many physical health benefits and can also reduce stress and anxiety. Virtual Yoga and Fitness Fusion classes are offered twice weekly!

  4. Eat Healthily. Balance food groups and try new things! Experiment with different spices or alternate protein sources. And don't forget to drink water! Seabury delivers thousands of nutritious meals to older adults each month.




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