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Leadership Update

We are writing to let you know that our Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Royster, has left Seabury to accept a new position. Deborah’s leadership over the past five years has helped advance Seabury’s mission to serve older adults and family caregivers. She has skillfully led the organization during a very challenging and dynamic period, with passion, poise and an enduring commitment to Seabury’s sacred mission. We wish her continued success in the next phase of her journey of service to older adults. On Thursday, July 23rd, the administrative team along with Seabury’s Program Directors gave Deborah a socially distant send off. Dawn Quattlebaum, has been named interim CEO. Dawn has been with Seabury since 1989, serving as Administrator of Friendship Terrace, Director of Seabury Ward 5, and Chief Operating Officer.

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