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Fabric for face masks!

Photo: Beckyanne Theriot, founder and owner of AFCM Services LLC

Beckyanne Theriot is founder and owner of AFCM Services LLC (formerly known as A First-Class Move) and a leader in the longevity field for a dozen years. She is known for the kindness and caring she brings to all interactions with older adults and their family members. AFCM is routinely called upon to downsize large homes and find use for items that are no longer needed. Beckyanne, aware of the efforts of Nancy Nye, Seabury Life Enrichment Specialist to sow face masks reached out to offer an unwanted supply of cotton fabric. A few emails and phone calls later, arrangements were completed to safely transfer the fabric from Beckyanne's office in Falls Church, VA to Nancy's home in Gaithersburg, MD. Beckyanne's thoughtfulness and effort helped produce quality hand sown face masks, which are distributed to essential workers by Seabury Care Managers. Thank you Beckyanne!

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