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Home First® Heroes

Maxine (left) and Le'Shea were greeted with flowers and cards when they left Home First® after caring for residents for two weeks.

Early on in the pandemic when a resident tested positive for COVID-19, Seabury Home First® Operations Manager, Le’Shea Fuller, and Caregiver, Maxine Hanson, decided to live at work to care for that resident as well as the other residents of Seabury’s Home First® program. Maxine cared for the ill resident while Le’Shea cared for the other residents - to lessen the likelihood that others would become infected. For 14 days Maxine and Le’Shea cooked meals, monitored medications, cleaned and disinfected, and took turns sleeping at night. They made sure that one was always awake to ensure the safety of all. On Friday, May 1, Seabury employees and friends gathered to thank them as they were able to leave Home First® and go home to their families for the first time in two weeks. To see the video of their departure click here.

Seabury employees and supporters stand outside Home First® with signs thanking Maxine and Le'Shea.

Maxine and Le’Shea successfully cared for residents and kept other caregiving staff healthy by not exposing them to the virus. They are true frontline heroes and we salute them for their selfless service. As a result of Maxine and Le'Shea's hard work, the resident recovered and is doing well. Maxine and Le’Shea remained healthy and returned to work after some much-deserved time off. They are incredible examples of what we have seen from all our employees and so many other heroes in this difficult time. To support this work, please make a gift here.

Update: One year later, Seabury CEO, Dawn Quattlebaum, spoke with Maxine about her experience. Watch here.

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