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Springvale Terrace Hosted The National Association of Retirement Counselors (NARC) CEU Class: Care O

February 5, 2019, Springvale Terrace Hosted the NARC Session Taught by Stuart Rosenthal, Publisher of The Beacon newspapers and immediate-past Chair of the Maryland Commission on Aging, and Alan Dubow, Vice President of Capital Health Solutions.

Widely regarded as among the foremost experts in the National Capital Area on care options for seniors, Stuart, whose publication is a major informational resource for seniors throughout the Washington-Baltimore corridor, provides information on the available providers of each type of senior care and housing service. Alan, with extensive experience in the rehabilitation and long term care field, explains the complex health care system so that it is readily understood who goes where and what resources are available to cover care costs. He has designed healthcare informational programs used by both healthcare providers as outreach and marketing tools, and for non-profit organizations for major national initiatives.

If you would like to partner with Springvale Terrace, check out the informational flyer below, or reach out to Gina Latture at (301) 587-0190 or

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