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Starting Over

Getting older is often about gradually adjusting to a new version of your past life. But that adjustment can sometimes be thrust upon families without warning as was the case with Sharon. Sharon was thrown a curve ball 6 months ago when she fell and injured her arm so severely that she required surgery. Up until that moment she had been an independent older adult living alone in what she calls “rural” New Jersey. In New Jersey she had her house, a car, and most importantly, according to her, independence. Sharon’s younger son and his family lived in Silver Spring, Maryland. When her son received the call from the hospital informing him that Sharon had been injured, he told his mom over the telephone “I’ve been waiting for a call like this for two years.” While Sharon had been living independently in New Jersey, enjoying her retirement, her son had been living with the fear that his mother would fall and get hurt. So after some back and forth between mother and son, and a brief hospitalization in February,the family decided that Sharon would move closer to her son and take up residence at Seabury at Springvale Terrace.

Sharon admits that it took some time to adjust to her new apartment and to losing some of her independence. But with time and perspective Sharon took a different view and found a new version of independence and happiness. Today Sharon is thriving in her new home. She is closer to her family, including two granddaughters with whom she eats dinner weekly. She’s been to the museums, musicals at the Kennedy Center, and various other activities throughout Washington D.C. At her new home she helps tend the gardens and has led the way in reorganizing the library. Overall she enjoys the company of her new neighbors and the companionship that comes with her new home at Springvale. Sharon is also optimistic about her future and is already planning to increase her independence. With the help of the Seabury staff she is familiarizing herself with the public transportation system and according to her, she is “on the verge of using Uber.”

Getting older doesn’t mean you give up your interests or your independence. Residents like Sharon are an example of how older adults and their families can benefit from moving into a Seabury senior living community.

The Seabury mission is to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help older adults in the greater Washington, DC area live with independence and dignity. Whether it is our Home First® residence, Friendship Terrace, Care Management, or the Connector Seabury Resources for Aging has services that aim to help every older adult.

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