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The Power of Love

Every morning Carla Rawlings wakes up and knows that multiple missions await her. She is a licensed social worker and a Seabury Resources for Aging Care Manager. She is also one of Seabury’s superheroes!

A Seabury care manager wears multiple hats and plays a variety of roles in the lives of clients. Carla helps her clients navigate programs including Medicare and Veterans’ benefits. She helps families when a client is suddenly hospitalized and ensures that they are prepared when the client is discharged.

Without Carla many clients would be adrift and overwhelmed. According to Carla, the first step in doing it “right” means loving what you do. Carla loves what she does and works with an unbridled passion. The enthusiasm for her work radiates and is felt by her coworkers.

In one day Carla might have to answer the same question 20 times within a period of 10 minutes. Then she has to help a person in pain who is entering hospice care. She knows that client may pass away soon but she can’t stop and experience the loss. She can’t stop because she knows another client needs her help. This client won’t eat or take their medications. Once she resolves that problem she has to uplift a different client who is feeling down in the dumps. But then things take a turn. She runs into a client who is just happy to see her. This client has a huge smile on their face. When Carla sees the smile she can’t help but smile herself and know it’s all worth it.

Carla does this work because she “wants to help older adults age with dignity and enjoy this last phase of their life”. She wants to provide the best possible service to her clients and to help them age in place whenever possible. She does it because she knows that older adults should be valued and their experiences are important. She also does it because she enjoys hearing their stories. Carla puts it best when she asks, “How many people do you know who have gone to the north pole and run from a polar bear? How many people have you met who were personal friends of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt? How many people do you know who met Nelson Mandela or Bishop Tutu? How many people do you know who can speak 6 languages? How many people do you know who left their home country with their son to create a new life here, in America?”

These stories are Carla’s clients. They are why she does what she does. They are the reason for her passion, enthusiasm, and empathy. She sees her role as a care manager as a gift for herself and for her clients. Everyone else, including many of her clients, just see her as a superhero.

Your contribution ensures care managers like Carla can continue to do this amazing work. Please be Carla’s superhero by making a gift today. It’s as easy as clicking the donate button at the top of the page.

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