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Seabury Launches Care Management Life Enrichment

Regine Clermont (pictured below) is not new to Seabury. She served for several years as the director of Seabury’s Home First Residences which provides shared and supportive housing for formerly homeless older adults. Regine recently returned to Seabury as part of the Seabury Care Management Life Enrichment Team. That team works with clients to reconnect them with the interests and hobbies that they have enjoyed including theater, events, and more.

Regine has taken clients to doctor's appointments, grocery and clothes shopping, once to a horse show, to the Smithsonian, to lunch and coffee, and also coordinates activities at their home. “It is a wonderful opportunity to share their life stories, talk about their families, their fondest memories, what they enjoyed doing when they were younger.” The program encourages clients to engage in the community rather than stay at home. Recently Regine took at client shopping at Kmart and then to lunch. Although she has a long history of health and mental challenges, the client picked out a pair of blue jeans and enjoyed their time together - laughing, and being present, setting aside her troubles to enjoy the outing. One client raised horses and Regine took him to the horse show at the Capital One Arena. They took the metro, attended the show and then the client decided they should go to the National Portrait Gallery. His face lit up as he marveled and analyzed the paintings. He equally enjoyed talking to adults, to children, and the security guards. He said, " I love making people smile." Afterwards they ate lunch outside since he loved being outdoors, and then returned home. Regine says, “I really enjoy what I am doing, also being able to share time with wonderful people!”


To learn more about Seabury Care Management Life Enrichment, contact Christine Bitzer at 202-364-0020 or

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