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Age-In-Place® Volunteer Spotlight: Joyce Riggs

In December 2016, Joyce Riggs, pictured below, had her first volunteer day with Seabury Age-In-Place®. She hasn't looked back since.

"It's been a rewarding experience. The clients are very grateful," Joyce reflected. "I'm honored to do this work and have the opportunity to serve."

Joyce was a champion of Seabury Age-In-Place®'s Stuff the Shed donation drive. She enlisted her local Brookland church, St. Paul Temple, to be a donation drop-off location and told all of her family and friends about the great work Age-In-Place® does. Thanks to Joyce's dedication, we received two lawn mowers, a weed wacker, cleaning supplies, and monetary donations. Joyce was drawn to Seabury Age-In-Place®'s work because of her own experience with her parents. She lived close to to her parents, but working full-time made it challenging to provide them every aspect of care that they needed. During that time, she was grateful to all the services provided to older adults in DC. It was then that Joyce made a promise that when she retired she would give back to older adults as long as her health allowed. Luckily for Age-In-Place® and all of our clients, Joyce is well and healthy. When she's not volunteering with Age-In-Place® you can find her globe-trotting around the world. Her next trip is to Spain.

We are grateful for Joyce's joy, grace, and the energy she brings to each service project. And, for all of the donations she helped bring in during Stuff the Shed! Come out and volunteer, and meet Joyce. Learn how you can volunteer with Seabury Age-In-Place®, email or call 202-625-9384 ext. 102.

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