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Leaves crunch, lives change--all because of you! #GivingTuesday

Leaves crunch as they go into bags. Lawnmowers purr. Laughter. Conversation. A Seabury Age-In-Place® project is underway.

And that is thanks to you! With your help, Seabury coordinates volunteers to do yard work and housecleaning projects so that older adults can stay in the homes and communities they love. This year, contributions from people like you connected more than 2,300 volunteers to isolated older adults through the Age-In-Place® program.

Your support of Age-In-Place® today on Giving Tuesday ensures that 97-year-old Korea is not isolated and can stay more safely in her home and community.

In 1927, Korea was seven years old when she and her four siblings found themselves homeless. The children were split up and sent to family members across the county. Korea ended up in Missouri and was enrolled in her first segregated school. Korea experienced abuse, discrimination, and ridicule.

At a very young age, Korea began working as a cook for wealthy families. At thirteen, while heading home from her job, she witnessed the lynching of one of her older classmates for a crime he did not commit. It was family and her faith in God that helped her deal with the trauma of her youth and taught her not to hate.

At the age of 51, Korea completed college. She went on to become a teacher and later a principal. Korea’s passion for social justice drove her to teach others not to treat people differently because of their identity. Now, she shares her story with Seabury Age-In-Place® volunteers. Age-In-Place is about more than volunteer service and yard work. It is about building stronger connections across generations.

Your support for Seabury on Giving Tuesday ensures that older adults like Korea get the support they need to age and thrive with dignity and respect. Through a generous grant by The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation your contribution to Seabury will be matched--DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and make your gift today.

Please make your gift today on Giving Tuesday. Thank you for caring.

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