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Celebrating Lester Wynn

You can learn a lot from a person’s desk. Lester Wynn, Seabury Connector Director, keeps a stack of letters from clients on hers. In the margins, she handwrites notes: when she received the letter, who wrote it, and other specifics about the client’s needs or story.

“Seabury Connector is the only way we can get to a grocery store,” one client opens. The letter goes on to recount group trips to the grocery store in bad weather, purchasing food for holidays and special occasions, and the friendship that has grown with their driver.

The pile of letters dates back over several years. Lester Wynn recollects her decades of work through those letters and stories.

She’s a problem solver. “One client’s home burned down, but he couldn’t find transportation to the DC Housing Authority,” she remembers. “We were able to give him a ride so that he could get a housing voucher.” Another client lost his vision and couldn’t get into the clinic for dialysis treatment. Lester worked with the clinic and his driver to find him an alternative entrance.

Lester’s 30 plus years of service with Seabury Connector have been defined by her ability to address clients’ needs, expand services to local older adults, and build a strong, committed staff.

And she’s not the only one with stories. Norman Hendrickson, Dispatch and Drivers Manager, retells Lester’s mentorship, her words of encouragement, and her expertise in transportation and building support from local elected officials and community members. Frances China, Service Center Lead, offers similar words of appreciation for Lester’s concern for her employees and her open door policy.

Perhaps Roosevelt Davis, Fleet Manager, offers the most-telling example. “After I accepted this job, Ms. Wynn and the former assistant director both gave me a big group hug. At first, it felt strange, but then I realized that Connector is just that kind of place. It made me feel wanted.”

Through her leadership, Lester has built a community that both cares for clients and employees alike. Looking toward retirement, she is excited to volunteer for social and civic causes, as well as enjoy some rest.

Seabury Resources for Aging extends warm wishes to Lester Wynn following her decision to retire this August. Lester guided Connector through many times of change including a name change, expanded operations, and the addition of new technology. Her leadership and commitment to customer service have kept us ahead of all our competitors.

Deborah Royster, Seabury Chief Executive Officer, added: “Lester Wynn is an inspiration to all of us. Her leadership of Seabury Connector for more than 30 years has resulted in substantial growth of this important local transportation service for older adults that has an excellent record of customer service and satisfaction. We are deeply grateful to Ms. Wynn for her commitment to Seabury Connector, and we congratulate her for her outstanding achievements.”

Lester’s leaving marks the end of an era for Seabury Connector. We are indebted to her commitment to meeting the transportation needs of the District’s older adults for reliable, safe transportation and wish her well in retirement and all of her future endeavors.

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