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Spring Cleaning: 3 Resources for the Best Clean Ever

Spring is often a season for cleaning and organizing. As Seabury’s Age-In-Place® volunteers provide free yard work and house cleaning services to local older adults this season, we want to pass on some of our favorite spring cleaning resources and tips.

Household Management 101 offers great advice on staying safe while tidying up: make sure there is adequate ventilation, carefully read cleaning supply instructions, watch out for potential fall hazards (including water and ladders). Likewise, Martha Stewart compiled an extensive cleaning checklist to guide your work (don’t forget to check your smoke detector batteries and review important documents and files).

Our friend Janet Hulstrand, blogger and coauthor of Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home, also offers tips for successful cleaning on their blog, Downsizing the Home: Lessons Learned:

  • Find ways to enrich the lives of others (and/or protect the environment) as you make your home a more comfortable place to live in.

  • Break large, overwhelming tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.

  • Take time to congratulate yourself along the way.

  • Allow yourself to back away from difficult decisions “for now.”

  • Keep the memories, get rid of the stuff!

As you clean and declutter, consider donating to Seabury Age-In-Place®’s spring donation drive, Stuff the Shed. Stuff the Shed donations allow Seabury Age-In-Place® to provide volunteer yard work and house cleaning at no cost to local older adults. Large trash bags, garden gloves, non-latex gloves, and dust masks allow Seabury Age-In-Place® to help older adults remain safely in their homes.

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