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8 Tips for Fall Leaf Collection

Above, Seabury Age-In-Place® volunteers smile after a service project for a DC older adult. Click here to learn more about volunteering with Age-In-Place®.

Throughout the Mid-Atlantic, fall leaves are in peak color. The season’s beauty also brings additional yard-work and safety considerations. Autumn leaves can disrupt traffic, pose a safety concern for pedestrians, clog storm drains, create a fire hazard, and even hamper snow removal from roads. Here are a few tips for flawless fall foliage removal:

  • Do

  • Check to see when your leaves are scheduled for collection

  • Place only leaves in tree boxes or at the curb for collection

  • Bring leaves, tree limbs, and other yard debris from your private landscaper to your designated collection site

  • Report clogged catch basins to your local water provider

  • Don’t

  • Place tree limbs, bricks, dirt, and rocks into tree boxes for collections

  • Place leaves in the street instead of the tree box

  • Sweep leaves, litter, or other debris into gutter or catch basins. Clogged catch basins (storm drains) can cause street flooding during heavy rains and contribute to water pollution

  • Rake leaves into treeboxes or at the curb after your scheduled collection

District of Columbia residents:

  • Every street will have at least two scheduled collection dates.

  • Collections will occur on Veterans Day, November 11, and Thanksgiving, November 24

  • There will be no collection on Christmas Day, December 25,on New Year’s day, January 1

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