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Focus mode in iOS 16: How to link with Lock Screens, create custom Home Pages, use filters

Focus mode not only lets you create custom lock screens for iPhones with iOS 16, but it also gets a handy update that makes customization easier, more flexible, and more powerful. Now it is more easy to find your favorite scanner app. New features include focus filters, pairing focus modes with specific lock screens and custom home screen settings. Now let's see how to use focus mode in iOS 16.

iOS 16 Focus Mode gives settings and tooltips a new look, making them easier to launch and navigate. Focus Mode 's three big new features are shortcuts to your iPhone's various lock screens, home screen settings, and new focus filters that make it easier than ever to see what's important to you. Click to enlarge Focus mode in iOS 16: Lock screen, home screen and editing with some filters - the new process is smoother and easier.

If you're using iOS 16, you can now:

Link focus mode to the lock screen.

Press and hold the lock screen, then tap Focus at the bottom. Then select the focus mode you want to add to the lock screen.

Alternatively, go to Settings > Refine > Select alignment > Select Select.

You can assign different focus modes to different custom lock screens and automatically switch focus modes by swiping between them.

During various focus modes or smart activation, the fixed lock screen changes even if it changes. Changing Focus Modes

Focus Mode Custom Home Page

Go to Settings > Focus > select focus > select To set a custom home page, select the middle option under "Set Screens"

You can now select a screen or an existing page from the smart. a box recommendations for your home - you can then customize it

You can also set a custom Apple Watch face to link to Foci us modes

Focus filters

Go to Settings > Focus > select focus

Swipe down and tap Add filter

Select filters and tap Add after configuring them.

Lock focus mode with locks

Set a custom lock screen focus mode:

Repeat the same steps to change the linked focus mode or add focus modes to other lock screens. You can also change it in Settings > Focus.

As mentioned above, a great way to automatically change your custom lock screen is to set the focus mode and time or use smart activation.

Set custom home page (home screen) to focus mode.

This is a valuable feature that allows you to focus only on the programs you want/want in a specific focus mode. You can still access all your apps, but the apps page will show everything you've set up on your regular home page in fixed focus mode.

After selecting a new proposed home or an existing home, you can customize it by clicking Change App at the bottom.

Tap "Add" in the upper right corner to set it as the home screen for focus mode. You can also pair your device with Apple Watch in focus mode.

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