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Conflict theory to aid in writing

Conflict is one of the "whales" on which the story rests. Without strong conflict, full of confrontation and suspense, a story loses its poignancy and interest.

Conflict is the spice of any novel and keeps the reader turning page after page to see who will win, how exactly, and at what cost.

In this article we will talk about conflict theory.

There are many types, PayForEssay kinds, and forms of conflict. Here we will give the most popular classification and the most famous conflicts.

So, let's begin 🙂 .

Typology of conflicts.

Types of conflicts by personality involvement:

(A) Internal (intrapersonal) - a person's conflict with himself, with his inner self.

This includes college essays for sale problems of choice, the breakdown of the worldview, moral and ethical and philosophical restructuring in the mind. Because of the plot events something in the hero changes, and sometimes the conflict arises on the rejection and rejection of the new, in attempts to cling to the old, sometimes - the inability to accept the new (quickly or at all), and sometimes - in the process of accepting new qualities and eradication of old;

B) interpersonal - a person-to-person conflict: hero and antagonist, hero and a group of antagonists.

A very common conflict - Good and Evil as represented by the respective characters, fathers and children, man of science vs. man of religion, education vs. uneducation, subculture vs. another subculture (or vs. generally accepted cultural norms), etc;

B) extrapersonal - the conflict of the individual with the surrounding world.

For example, buy assignment with the environment, socio-political system, divine manifestations, nature, society, destiny, mechanisms, the supernatural. And, in rare cases, with the author.

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