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Agent MM: Finding the Top Real Estate Agent

A recent article by ABC News explained the importance of finding the right agent during a time where the housing market is unsteady. The article gave tips on what questions people should ask when looking for the right agent. Among the questions people should ask were:

- How many clients the agent currently has.

- Policy on communications and availability.

- Relationships between the agent and title companies, home inspectors and lenders.

With these three questions, a common underlying topic is brought to hand: communication. Communication is crucial to a strong working relationship during the housing process, whether it be selling or purchasing. When looking for a real estate agent, it's important to track down the perfect MM Agent - The Modern, Mobile Agent.

As technology evolves, so does the ability to work remotely and efficiently. With an online fax service, agents and other real estate professionals are now able to send, receive, create and sign faxes straight from their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The tremendous paperwork involved in buying and selling a house, from loan processing and inspections to contracts can often slow down the process. However, this lengthy process can often be trimmed with the seamless integration of online fax. Online faxing not only cuts down time, but it also eliminates printing and mailing costs.

Other useful features include:

- Large file sharing

- Digitized signature

- Lifetime storage

- Searchable faxes

Remember to work with an agent that has adopted mobile technologies to allow them to work efficiently when they are out of their office.

A New Class of Real Estate Professionals Emerges

As the housing slump begins to turn around, traditional real estate professionals are transforming their business into a modern, mobile business.

According to a Holdcom infographic, approximately 50% of agents and 47% of brokers invested $500 - $2000 on technology this year. The infographic explains that in order to keep up with competition, one must keep up with technology – this holds true with real estate professionals as well.

With pages and pages of hand-signed documents necessary in the process of buying and selling a house, it’s no surprise that fax is a critical tool for relators and brokers.

An online fax service help real estate professionals seize opportunities, how do you fax from an iphone and receive mission critical documents wherever they are – a showing, their office, vacation, or an open house. With options to fax from multiple devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, online fax is transforming the way real estate professionals work.

See this presentation at our website, how real estates are closing deals faster using online fax.

“I save gas, time, and since I simply use recycled electrons, I’m reducing my carbon footprint which helps the atmosphere,” said New England-based independent real estage agent Jeff Annis. “I marked in my last two case files I had not printed any of the contract forms as I handled them all electronically and they were afore saved by eFax in my smartphone for easy access.”

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