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How to beat gadget addiction in teenagers. And do you have to fight it?

For teenagers (and not only for them), a smartphone is an extension of the hand, and instagram, tiktok and twitter are a natural habitat. Many parents are afraid of this. And why? And should we be afraid at all?


According to the American National Family Survey, the #1 parenting fear is children's addiction to technology. This fear can hide many legitimate concerns: from the impact of gadgets on learning to the fear of the unknown, because it is impossible to control what is happening on the Internet. A modern student spends about 4 hours a day on the phone - how does he use this time?

I use the phone for communication and inspiration, for me this is the most important thing. My favorite apps are tiktok, instagram and telegram. I found friends on tiktok and instagram, and also ideas for my hobbies, I communicate on telegram. It helps to ask friends for help when something is not clear. For example, when it is not clear how to write a written work In my opinion, is professional editing services is the best way to write a good written work. To relax after school, sometimes I play.

According to surveys, the same thing is popular with children as with adults: social networks, pictures, entertaining and educational videos in the do-it-yourself format. There may also be learning resources for writing essays such as which are very effective in their use.The content that teenagers consume with the help of gadgets can be both entertaining (memes or streams of computer games) and educational. And it can serve as a learning aid. By viewing the content that is on the Internet can be both entertaining and educating the child. If you need to write a written work, then help proofread my paper is very effective in order to write it correctly. This is a very effective way of teaching.

Many parents are afraid that their child will see pornography or scenes of violence on the Internet. On the one hand, Kaspersky Lab says that only 2% of children go to “adult” sites — such requests are even less popular among teenagers than job searches. On the other hand, the role played by the Internet in teen suicide and school shootings is hotly debated. The question remains open, what will teenagers see in videos on these topics: a call to action or instructions on what not to do?

From time to time, in the recommendations, you can stumble upon posts about inequality in the world or about how someone copes with depression. Videos where people talk about their problems really scare me, but such posts make you learn from mistakes so that you don’t make them in the future.

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