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Welcome to the Model Cities Senior Wellness Center!

Are you 60 years or older and reside in Wards 5 or 6 in Washington, DC? Fantastic!


You're just a step away from experiencing a world of joy, camaraderie, and well-being. Unlock a vibrant community and a healthier, happier you by signing up today!

Get Your Free Membership

Sign up to get the next steps for free membership in your inbox as well as monthly activity schedules, shuttle schedules, communal lunch invitations, and more. (Yes, all free!)


Explore a World of Free Benefits:

✨ Complimentary Communal Lunches: Delight in the warmth of shared meals. Our free communal lunches offer not just nourishment but also the chance to build lasting friendships.

✨ Free Fitness, Language, and Craft Classes: Stay active and energized with our diverse range of free classes! You'll get a full schedule in your inbox each month.

✨ Bingo with Prizes: Get ready for some exciting moments! Join in on the fun with bingo, where laughter and awesome prizes await.

✨ Shuttles to Exciting Places: Discover the world outside with our complimentary shuttles. Whether it's a trip to the Amish Market, Walmart, or other exciting destinations, we've got your transportation covered. Members get the schedule in their inbox!

✨ Enriching Events: Immerse yourself in the joy of movie nights, cultural gatherings, and more. There's always something happening at Model Cities Senior Wellness Center.

...and much more!

At Model Cities Senior Wellness Center, we believe in enhancing the golden years with laughter, learning, and genuine connections. Join us and let every day be a celebration of life.

Ready to embrace a lifestyle of wellness and community? Apply for your free membership today and get ready for a journey filled with joy and fulfillment. 


Sign Up for Exclusive Access Today! 📧

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