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Food and beverages will be available for purchase; check out Boundary Stone's menu here!

Bingo House Rules

  1. Customers must be 18 years of age or older to be seated in gaming area.  Picture I.D. is required.

  2. Minimum purchase of one (1) Bingo book in order to play six (6) games.

  3. Bingo Books can only be played during the session they were purchased from.  They must not be used at other bingo sessions.

  4. The venue and Seabury are NOT responsible for duplicate cards.

  5. No splitting, cutting or sharing of any bingo books.  Bingo on split books will not be honored.

  6. Seabury reserves the right to refuse entry into gaming area and/or sales of bingo books.

  7. Dabbers must be used on each sheet of the bingo book for bingo to be valid.

  8. A number is not in play until the caller verbally announces the number.

  9. It is the player’s responsibility to shout loud and clear enough to ensure the caller hears BINGO and stop’s the game.

  10. A missed bingo after it has been closed will not be honored.

  11. Once a game is closed, it cannot be re-opened unless the closed game is deemed to be invalid.

  12. There will be six (6) games per session with a cash payout of $25 per game.                                         Multiple claims will share equally the prize money to a minimum of $5 each.

  13. A Seabury representative in charge of the event will handle all discrepancies in consultation with upper management.

  14. The conduct of the bingo event is regulated by Washington, DC Office of Lottery & Charitable Games and all term conditions and regulations must be adhered to the full extent.

  15. Seabury and the venue are NOT responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen articles.

  16. Mobile Phones or Devices must be in silent mode while in gaming area.

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